Introducing Our Royalty Collection

This couldn't have been a better time to introduce our new project. This brand new line of products are designed and created by us. This is just the beginning of what's yet to come. This release consists of three products; a bomber jacket, crewneck sweatshirt and a hoodie. 

Our mission has always been to provide unique products for multicultural organizations. But now we are taking it to another level. 

The bomber jacket will be taken the lead on this release and a common question will be, what is the difference from a satin jacket? Satin jackets are pre-made products that we decorate, which is still a well made product and has been popular in Greek culture for many years. Getting pre-made jackets does limit the color combinations that we can offer. Now, this doesn't mean that satin jackets won't be modified and added to our Royalty Collection, because it is definitely possible.

We will focus on adding more organizations to our Royalty Collection and in the new future more products. Hope everyone enjoys this release!

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